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The only way you can take steps towards solving something is if you know all the details about it. If someone is in the dark about a problem, all they know is that there IS a problem and they don’t have all the information to solve it. And when they finally do, it’s usually too late to do anything productive about it. Maybe you’re in the dark because people don’t want you to worry. But all that does is keep the person in the dark thinking that whatever the problem is, is somehow their fault.

Mike Falzone  (via ravenzoe)

I own a weird amount of Mike Falzone things but ITS ALL SO GOOD

I own a weird amount of Mike Falzone things but ITS ALL SO GOOD


Just something to watch to help you forget about your breakup…wait.

the biggest mistake people make when they break up is they think it’s the end of the world. and it’s not, it’s the beginning of the world. it’s the end of what you’d thought it would be for a while.

mike falzone on break ups. (via rocketrictic)


(via mikefalzone)