I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and workout too much.
I also like to make videos on the YouTubes that have nothing to do with anything in that first sentence.
I post things here that occasionally relate to the thing in that second sentence.
But usually I'm just reblogging everything shiny I come across.
And that's usually pictures of cats.
Or attractive ladies.


I think it’s kinda sad that we put these limitations on ourselves based on what other people are doing and when they do it.

Mike Falzone (via intellectualbowtie)

Anonymous asked
How do I stop comparing myself to others? I'm constantly getting down on myself because I'm always telling myself "I'm not as good as (insert person here) so why try?" I know it's a terrible thing to do but I can't stop.


Other people’s lives work (or don’t) for them. Other people have different parents, goals, memories, life experiences, etc. etc. 

You come with your own set of…everything. So what is the use of comparing yourself to a completely different person.  

People tell you that you can be anything you want to be in your life. People never tell you, “you can be everything THAT person already is but BETTER.”

Your life isn’t based on other people. Your life is your own.

Meghan and Mike are the main reason I attended my first Playlist, got into YouTube, and generally became more awesome. Here they are being awesome. 


Break out of your comfort zone. It’s nice and rewarding out here.

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So I wanted to talk about this exact subject on my teeny tiny channel but then Mike did that thing where he did it better.