I do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and workout too much.
I also like to make videos on the YouTubes that have nothing to do with anything in that first sentence.
I post things here that occasionally relate to the thing in that second sentence.
But usually I'm just reblogging everything shiny I come across.
And that's usually pictures of cats.
Or attractive ladies.



Sometimes I forget why I love Skyrim. And then remember all this shit.


Skyrim Ebony Armor - Created by Folkenstal

On top of this amazing set of armor, Folkenstal’s Shop is filled with a multitude of epic replica weapons and armor that are sure to catch the eye of any Dragonborn in need of gear. Check out our previous feature here.


i started a new game in skyrim and i think our horse took a wrong turn somewhere.

Fucking Skyrim horses.

Forever Ring - Sizes 6 to 13 (Stainless Steel)

I don’t care how lame I am this is awesome and I want it so I can continue to live in my fantasy land. 

Homemade Skyrim things on Etsy want all my money.